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IndiaEducation.net is spearheading the largest virtual network of 48 educational portals in India covered by more than 450 domain names including the latest .IN domain names. The primary objective of the network is to provide instant access to the latest information and resources on every facet of education in India.

The biggest and largest network of its kind is designed with a vision to cover the entire country with dedicated portals for 28 states, 6 union territories, 4 metros and 4 major cities of the country, supported by the main portals - www.IndiaEducation.net, www.IndiaEduNews.net and www.ExamResults.net.

Looking at situational realities and the instant need to gain practical information, National Network of Education, with its countrywide ramification of 48 portals, has designed specific and dedicated slots devoted to the dissemination of information about the education at all levels - school education, higher education, continuing education or distance education.

India's first and only dedicated educational news portal - www.indiaedunews.net covers in a systematic, organised and structured way the latest news and happenings from across the country and the international arena. NNE sources all the relevant information through sustained and perpetual contacts with major players in the arena.

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