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Arts Colleges in Nagaon

Updated on: Mar 18, 2013

Arts colleges in Nagaon offer various courses. Colleges like Anandaram Dhekial Phookan College, Nowgong College, etc. are among the top arts colleges in Nagaon.

Top Arts Colleges in Nagaon

Anandaram Dhekial Phookan College
Haibargaon, Nagaon, Assam
Website: http://www.adpcollege.org.in/
Phone: +91-3672-222235

Hojai College
Hojai, Nagaon, Assam
Website : http://www.hojaicollege.org/
Phone: +91-3674-252163

Kaliabor College
Kuwaritol, Kaliabor, Nagaon, Assam
Website : http://kaliaborcollege.org/
Phone: +91-3672-276535

Lanka Mahavidyalaya
Rongmahal, Lanka, Nagaon, Assam
Website: http://www.lankamahavidyalaya.org/

Lumding College
Lumding, Nagaon, Assam
Website: http://www.lumdingcollege.org/

Nagaon GNDG Commerce College
Panigaon, Nagaon, Assam
Phone : +91-3672-255044

Nowgong College
Nagaon, Assam
Phone: +91-3672-235640

Nowgong Girls College
Haibargaon, Nagaon, Assam
Website: http://www.ngcassam.org/
Phone: +91-3672-220667

Dr. Birinchi Kumar Barooah College
(Puranigudam) Nagaon, Assam
Phone: +91-3672-281627

Batadraba Sri Sri Sankardev College
Batadraba (Nagaon)
Phone: 03672-293358

Juria College
Fakuli Pathar, Nagaon, Assam
Phone: 03672-245596

Kampur College
Kampur (Nagaon), Assam
Phone: 03672-266432

Nonoi College
Nonoi (Nagaon), Assam
Phone: 278828

Raha College
Raha (Nagaon), Assam
Phone: 03672-285673

Rupahi College
Rupahi (Nagaon), Assam
Phone: 03672-286603

Samaguri College
Samaguri (Nagaon), Assam
Phone: 03672-229892
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