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Research Institutes in Guwahati

Updated on: Mar 18, 2013
North East Institute of Science and Technology, formerly Regional Research Laboratory is established by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, a premier R&D organization of India in the year 1961with the motto, “ connecting science and technology for a brighter tomorrow”. Initially, its plan was to expand indigenous technologies by using the immense natural wealth of India, especially of North East India like Petroleum, Natural gas, Tea etc. Currently, it is a full-grown research institute undertaking researches on a variety of areas, such as Medicinal Chemistry, Biological and Oil Field Chemicals, Agro Technology, Applied Civil Engineering, Natural Products Chemistry etc. NEIST has produced more than one hundred research scholars in the last couple of years. At present the research institute focuses importance on social infrastructure to carry out further research on science and technology.

North East Institute of Science and Technology, NEIST

Jorhat-785006, Assam, India
Fax: 2370011
E-mail: drrljrt@csir.res.in, inform@csir.res.in
Website: www.geocities.com/rrljorhat/rrljothat.html, www.geocities.com/rrljorhat2000/rrlaugust.html, www.nerdatabank.nic.in/csir.htm

Institute of Rain and Moist Deciduous Forest Research

Institute of Rain and Moist Deciduous forest Research (IRMDFR) was established in the year 1988, to carry out research on forest and problems related to it of the North-Eastern region and Sikkim. The main objective of the research center is to study ecology, regeneration, treatment and managing of forest of North-East and Sikkim. The institute also puts importance on the various methodical processes of protection of valuable plants found in this region. The institution, now, is in formative stage and aims to carry out researches on various perspectives regarding socio-economic impact of suppression of changing agriculture.

Institute of Rain and Moist Deciduous Forest Research (IRMDFR)

(Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education)
Jorhat-785001, Assam
E-mail: icfre@envfor.delhi.nic.in

Centre of Plasma Physics

Centre of Plasma Physics, Guwahati, was established in 1991 by the government of Assam to carry out researches on plasma physics and its associated region. It is an independent organization under the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of Assam, India.

Centre of Plasma Physics carries out hypothetical, numerical and experimental research on current subject matters in basic plasma physics.

Professor Sarbeswar Bujarbarua is the founder-director of the centre. Under his supervision scholars from the various parts of the state engage in research program.

Centre of Plasma Physics
Tepsia Sonapur-782402
Kamrup, Assam, India
E-mail: cppmail@rediffimal.com
Phone No: (0361) 2160616
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