Hobby Classes in Assam

Updated on: Mar 18, 2013
A hobby is an activity that holds a person for a long time and the person finds joy and self-satisfaction in doing the same. Since a hobby, is something that interests a person he does not feel stressed and is happy doing the same work again and again. In school, all children are taught something beyond academics like dancing, singing knitting, playing an instrument, swimming, drama, elocution, painting, cooking, and calligraphy and so on. If your child shows an inclination towards any of the extra-curricular activities, you should encourage him or her to pursue the hobby of his or her choice.

Hobby classes in Assam are very popular as parents have become more supportive of children pursuing their hobbies beyond academics. Hobby classes are spread across the length and breadth of Assam. In Assam you have cricket coaching classes, art classes and singing classes where students can pursue their hobbies.
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