Living In Assam

Updated on: Mar 18, 2013
Assam is considered to be one of the major educational hub of the entire northeast. It has many good institute and colleges which is almost at par with other good institutes in India. Thousands of students from all across the seven states of the northeast come to Guwahati every year to pursue higher education in different fields. Now with the establishment of some institute with national importance, like IIT and NIT, students even from outside northeastern states visit Assam to receive quality education. For those out-station students , who are not so much familiar with the Assamese language , won’t find much difficulties to communicate because English is also one of the major language in Assam. All come with a dream to pursue good quality education in some of the prestigious colleges in Assam.

Once getting admitted to various colleges in Assam, the second question which arises in their mind is to find a good accommodation. Although all the major colleges like Cotton college, Handique Girls’ college, etc. and universities like Gauhati University, Dibrugarh University, Assam University, provide hostel accommodation to a large number of students but still they are unable to cater to needs of all the students. These hostels being very limited have very few seats, majority of the students are left with no choice but to arrange for their own accommodation.

But that does not become a reason to lose hope, as Assam is also home to a large number of accommodation options to suit every pocket of out-of-town students.

University near-by areas are the most important destination for most of the students, as staying there makes their commuting easy. There are many good hostels and PG in those areas which provide proper accommodation with good quality food. The charges are also reasonable to fit the pocket of a student. Other than these university areas, there are also many good hostels, covering the entire state.

Eating Out In Assam
Students can find all types of eating joints in Assam. Other than proper Assamese and north eastern cuisine, one can also go for Chinese, Thai, continental, north Indian, etc. All kinds of cuisines are easily and quite affordable available here.
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